Information about the Give a Smile project

This year, KPMG in the Czech Republic has decided not to send to its clients the usual Christmas gifts but instead to donate a significant amount to help disadvantaged children. Within the a YEAR together – a STEP ahead professional support programme, whose aim is to make the work of non-profit organisations more effective with the help of our professional expertise and know-how, we are currently cooperating with the Tamtam Centre for Children’s Hearing.

Tamtam helps children with hearing impairments, who need new hearing aids or other devices to be able to develop and communicate with their environment.

Our entire Christmas campaign is built on involving our clients in the decoration of virtual gingerbread cookies, while for each decorated cookie and personalised greeting KPMG donates a portion of the sum required to acquire a particular device.

In this way, depending on the total number of greetings created and sent, 21 children with hearing disabilities will receive a total of up to half a million Czech crowns for hearing aids and other necessary devices.

Under the Christmas tree, the children will then unwrap new hearing aids or other devices that will help improve their hearing. All devices will be purchased based upon consultations with Tamtam´s cooperating physicians. At the same time, they will personal greetings from our clients. Together, we will thus give these children the loveliest present of all – a smile on their face. And we trust that we will inspire our clients to make direct financial contributions of their own.

Information about the Children’s Hearing Centre Tamtam

For many years, Tamtam, a centre for children’s hearing, has been developing care for hearing-impaired children and helping them and their families overcome the effects of their impairments. The organisation strives to create conditions for the seamless integration of hearing-impaired children into society. It helps the children’s parents to connect and share experiences with each other, while facilitating their cooperation with professionals who provide care to the children.

Tamtam focuses on providing comprehensive services to families with hearing-impaired children. The services of its early care centre, information centre on deafness and social and psychological counselling centres are used by people from all over the country.

More about Tamtam’s activities Support Tamtam

Children in need


Emička2 years

Two-year old Ema is very clever but unfortunately she has to cope with very bad hearing. She currently has a cheaper hearing aid which enables her to understand almost everything but soon she will need a higher quality one. If sufficient funds are raised to buy the hearing aids, she will be able to play with other children as if she had no hearing problems at all.

Angelínka3 years

Angelínka is a three-year-old girl. She suffers from moderately severe hearing loss and uses an older borrowed hearing aid. Her first pair of devices were second-hand but one was lost and they were not a perfect fit anyway. If she finds new hearing aids under the Christmas tree, she will be able to better understand what other people say and she will have a much nicer childhood.

Markétka3 years

Three-year-old Markétka can hardly hear or see anything. Her disability does not affect only her but the whole five-member family. Her Dad works hard but they still have very little money. Her parents would like to buy a car in order to visit specialists. A personal assistant would also be of great help because taking care of Markétka is very demanding.

Zuzanka5 years

When the audiologist diagnosed Zuzanka's severe hearing disability, she got one of the cheapest hearing aids which was, moreover, incorrectly set. Now Zuzanka is five years old and she need a better one but will be eligible only in three years. Both of her parents have serious health problems and little money. All of them hope that Zuzanka will get better hearing for Christmas.

Matyáš6 years

Matyáš was born prematurely and with a severe hearing impairment. He is six now and is very skilled. His Dad raises both his brother and him all alone as their mother recently passed away. If his Dad were to get a contribution for new hearing aids, he could take the kids to the seaside for the first time in their lives.

Natálka6 years

Natálka is a pretty six-year-old girl with bilateral deafness. She has a cochlear implant that helps her hear. Her single parent mom has become unemployed so it is hard for her to find money for any implant repairs. She hopes that she will find help and that Natálka's Christmas will be a bit happier.

Kilián4 years

Kilián's entry to this world was extremely difficult but he is a tough fighter. Today he is four, he likes story-telling and book-reading and his laughter is beautiful. Unfortunately, he suffers from moderately severe hearing loss so he needs new hearing aids to help him fully join in whatever's going on around him.

Filip4 years and 3 months

Filip's mom found out that he cannot hear well when he was fifteen months old. He was a calm baby but reacted to the outer world. It turned out that he only perceived visual stimulations. Now he has a cochlear implant and soon he could be learning new words. Cochlear implant accessories would help him greatly but they are very expensive.

Péťa4 years and 5 months

As a preemie, Petříček had so many health problems that his mother rejected and abandoned him. Aged one, he came in a foster family which immediately bought a hearing aid for him due to his hardness of hearing. He is four years old now. Although a nice and smart boy, he hardly speaks. Higher quality hearing aids would be of great help to him.

Edík2 years and 4 months

Eda is two and half years old. He and his twin brother were born prematurely by cesarian section. Unfortunately, this hard start into life caused health problems a very severe hearing impairment. At present, he only has very basic hearing aid model but his parents hope to be able to buy the better-quality one he really needs to be able to learn to speak.

Matýsek2 years and 6 months

For three months after his birth, Matěj fought a tough fight for his life in the hospital. He won the decisive battle but can barely hear. Now he is already two and very active. His mom and dad would like to get a better hearing aid for him to be able to rollick around with even greater spirit.

Vendulka3 years and 3 months

Three-year old Vendulka does not see or hear very well and also has a walking impairment. However, thanks to her hearing aid she can communicate with her parents. Next year she will attend kindergarten. Unfortunately, her current hearing aid will not be able to filter out the noise in the kindergarten so she will need a better-quality one. Vendulka and her parents would be very grateful if the money necessary for this purchase could be collected.

Verunka5 years and 2 months

Verunka is five and loves water. As she had been deaf since birth, she underwent Cochlear implant surgery. So far, she has been mastering all difficulties. It would be great for her to try out a waterproof case for her Cochlear implant so this is the gift she dreams of finding under the Christmas tree.

Eliška3 years and 10 months

Eliška experienced a breaking point in her life at the age of three. She received a Cochlear implant and got acquainted with the world of sound. Mom and Dad as well as the teachers in kindergarten are now teaching her to talk and sign. She is a clever and hard-working girl and is learning very fast. A remote control device for her Cochlear implant would make life a bit easier for her.

Dorotka3 years and 10 months

Four-year old Dorotka is a cheerful and energetic girl. She likes painting and playing with play-doh. She has been deaf since birth. Unfortunately, a hearing aid did not help so she underwent Cochlear implant surgery. The implant's accessories are very expensive so only Santa can help and bring them in his bag.

Martínek2 years and 7 months

Martínek is two years old and he is very quick-witted and clever. As a result of his wit and great skills, his Mom and Dad only found out that he was deaf when he was already one and half. Unfortunately, the initial hearing aid did not help so he underwent Cochlear implant surgery and is now making fast progress. He wants to get a remote control device for his Cochlear implant for Christmas as it would make life a lot easier both for him and his parents.

Vojtíšek11 months

Vojta hasn't reached the age of one yet but his parents already know the bad news - he is basically deaf. He is waiting for Cochlear implant surgery now. His mom and dad really need a remote control device for the implant which could tell them instead of Vojtíšek whether the device is working properly.

Honzík4 years and 6 months

The first word ever spoken by four-year old Honzík was "alone". He was driven into the world of solitude by his deafness but his Cochlear implant helps him learning to speak and he is making fast progress. He has already caught up to his peers in many aspects and now attends a regular kindergarten. A remote control device for his Cochlear implant would be of great help to both him and his parents.

Petřík3 years and 6 months

For all of 17 months after his birth, three-year old Petřík made those nearest to him believe that he could hear, as his deafness forced him to perfectly lipread. He has had a Cochlear implant for one year already and attends a kindergarten for hard-of-hearing children. His parents will be very grateful if enough money to buy a remote control device for his implant is collected.

Adámek3 years and 5 months

Adámek is three years old. It took one year to confirm the suspicion that he was indeed born deaf. Since 2014, he has had a Cochlear implant and his condition keeps improving. The whole family has been looking forward to hear his first words. They would be very grateful to get money which would allow them to buy accessories for his implant.

Eliška3 years and 6 months

Three-year old Eliška is an energetic girl. She loves painting, playing with building blocks and swimming. Unfortunately, in the pool, her hearing impairment bothers her the most, as she has a Cochlear implant and always has to take it off in the water, thus not being able to hear anything. Therefore she would love to get a waterproof case for her implant for Christmas.